Market Action

  • The equity markets as measured by the Dow and S&P gained 132.74 and 13.77, respectively despite weak performances today. The recent rally was slowed this week by the Fed’s comments on raising rates and Crimea concerns.
  • The health care sector realized the biggest decline this week as pricing practices are called into the spotlight.
  • May gold futures began the week with a high of 1392.2 and ended at 1333.8. The lack of inflationary concern from the Fed combined with the comments on raising rates were likely drivers of the price action.
  • Oil (WTI) started the week at 98.43 and traded up to finish the week at 99.46.
  • Utility stocks performed well this week as investors sought out defensive holdings following the Fed comments.
  • The telecom sector performed well up 2.5% this week underscoring the demand for mobile services.
  • Financials as a whole faired well as they will benefit from higher rates and all but one institution passed the Fed’s stress test.
  • The USD gained against the Euro(1.39-1.37) as traders and central banks warily eyed the exchanges between the US and Russia.

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