Both of these options are fee-based and we have no proprietary products.

Discrectionary Portfolio Management

This option allows BlackSummit to construct and actively manage your portfolio, or a piece of it based on needs for income and growth. We will always seek to preserve capital first and then grow your portfolio using our consistent methodology of real wealth creation.

Non-Discrectionary Portfolio Management

This option is for the client who wishes to maintain their existing portfolio managers and relationships but desires to have a second opinion. Our focus would be to mitigate and hedge portfolio risks, coordinate different managers so effective diversification can take place, increase the income stream from the portfolio, anchor it on real assets, and consult the client on how to grow the portfolio while maintaining the existing managers. Our computer software allows us the ability to aggregate current balances from other investment companies in order to accurately assess the portfolio daily, if necessary.


1) Strategy Development

Understanding the client’s investment objectives is the first stage to our ability to preserve and enhance capital. Our initial course of action will be to sit and listen to your needs, goals, fears, concerns, and interests. These will be the foundational principles that we will use to care for your funds. We aim to reach a mutual point of understanding where we not only comprehend your goals and how you want your targets achieved, but also have clearly explained to you what we have heard and how BlackSummit plans to assist you in reaching your desired destination.

The strategy development phase then moves on to recognizing the long-term goals, the income needs for living expenses or entity operations, the risk tolerance level, as well as contrasting current portfolio makeup against those goals, needs, and risk-tolerance level through simulations that demonstrate what happens under hypothetical scenarios.

2) Portfolio Tracking

3) Hedging Strategies

4) Investment Tools and Strategy Execution