We are delighted to host the presentation that Mr. Lawrence Goodman made last week at the Stronger Global Economic Growth Conference in Shanghai.

Mr. Goodman is the president of the Center for Financial Stability (CFS). Mr. Goodman has served as managing director and global head of emerging market strategy at Bank of America, where he led analysis of emerging economies, currencies, and rates in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Mr. Goodman has substantial experience and expertise in analyzing and negotiating sovereign debt restructuring agreements.

Mr. Goodman was the director of Quantitative Policy Analysis at the U.S. Treasury – advising the Under Secretary on a wide range of issues. Mr. Goodman managed Treasury’s international crisis prevention and early warning system (EWS). He co-founded and chaired an inter-agency group, comprised of 13 agencies to advise principals and deputies throughout the U.S. government on financial, economic, and political risks. Mr. Goodman responsibilities included managing Treasury’s global economic analysis; econometric policy modeling; Treasury International Capital (TIC) system; Foreign Exchange Report to Congress; as well as prognoses of oil and commodity markets.

Mr. Goodman also led the creation of the Treasury debt sustainability and capacity model designed to strengthen policy negotiations with debtor nations and multilateral agencies. Previously, he was the chief global economist and managing director at Santander Investment, where he also served on the executive committee for the Global Equity Group. Before Santander, he was the head of economic research for Latin America at Salomon Brothers Inc. He was repeatedly ranked in the top five for economic research by Institutional Investor.

Mr. Goodman holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania, an M.B.A. in finance from University of California at Berkeley, and has engaged in Ph.D. studies in economics at The New School. He served on the board of the Emerging Market Traders Association (EMTA). He is currently a member of the Bretton Woods Committee and a member of The Economic Club of New York. He serves on the executive committee of the Society for Economic Measurement (SEM) and is a contributor to Forbes.

We highly recommend reading Mr. Goodman’s remarks on the vital – yet poorly understood – space at the intersection of financial markets and the global economy. As Mr. Goodman states: “Today, growth is constrained by three ‘never befores’:

– Large scale intervention by central banks (new CFS Divisia data reveal counter-intuitive trends),
– A swell in the size of the financial regulatory apparatus,
– Distortions across a wide range of markets.

We address each and offer solutions.  The result would be reduction in the drain on growth as well as opening new possibilities for international monetary coordination.”

For the full remarks please click the link below:

It’s the “Never Befores,” Stupid