By: John E. Charalambakis | On: July 6, 2010 |

On Recovery, Escape Velocity, “Death Crosses” and Market Developments

The job report last Friday was dismal. Payrolls fell for the first time this year, indicating that the private sector feels uncertain about the depth of this recovery. We remember […]

By: John E. Charalambakis | On: July 1, 2010 |

Securitization, Credit Constraints, and the Chinese Dilemma

In our posting last week we pointed to the fact that while monetary reserves are rising, money supply is contracting due to the inability of banks to identify credit-worthy customers, […]

By: John E. Charalambakis | On: June 28, 2010 |

Institutionalizing a Stable Instability

The G-20 meeting took place last Saturday. We think it’s an oxymoron that world leaders try to address in one-day conferences serious problems that took years to be created. The […]

By: John E. Charalambakis | On: June 25, 2010 |

On Alarm Clocks and Dreams: Are we on the Bus?

It’s a fact: Alarm clocks destroy dreams. Let’s destroy the alarm clocks. They wake us up from our dreams; interrupt our narcissistic visions of high flying markets and rosy paths […]

By: John E. Charalambakis | On: June 21, 2010 |

On the Verge of Major Monetary Changes

The recent announcement that the Chinese will allow their currency (RMB a.k.a. Yuan) to be more flexible against the greenback was welcomed by US and other monetary authorities. The RMB […]

By: John E. Charalambakis | On: June 16, 2010 |

Commentary on Spanish Upcoming Tremors and its European Implications

As we are drafting this commentary, we are hearing that the Spanish auction of 10-year notes went well. We choose to differ on the situation in Spain. Spanish banks have […]