About Us

BlackSummit is a boutique-style, discrete, independent financial consulting and asset management firm. We focus on the preservation, advancement, and stewardship of wealth. We believe that wealth creation is at the center of a productive society that desires to preserve and grow its capital stock. Our approach is intellectually honest, transparent, disciplined, respectful, and free from conflicts of interest.

Our goal is to increase the substantive value of our clients’ capital faster than the central banks of the world can depreciate the value of the money used to measure it. Our first and foremost goal is always to preserve and grow our client’s wealth, based on their individual risk profile, and investment goals by using investment strategies that are rules-based, anchored, and hedged. We do not measure our performance against an arbitrary index, as is traditionally done, but rather our client’s definition and expectation of a reasonable rate of return required to maintain one’s standard of living or accomplish one’s target level of wealth.

Informed by economic expectations, tested strategies, and several decades of experience, BlackSummit is well positioned with valuable resources to be a dependable advisor to our clients. We seek first to understand our clients, their risk appetite, their needs and interests. We do not pretend to be all things to all people. We aim to add value to what is typically an already valuable situation but needs additional coordination, clarity, management expertise, or valuable economic insight.

Our client’s mandate is the guide that governs the risk level in the particular portfolios we use. BlackSummit, through its affiliate firms and associates, also provides corporate, institutional and government consulting services in the areas of capital formation (debt, equity, convertible and other forms of hybrid capital), restructuring and growth-oriented turnaround strategies.

Our services focus on three areas, namely: wealth and asset management, corporate advisory, and special situations.

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